Perca fluviatilis

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Least Concern Species of least concern


Inhabits a very wide range of habitats from estuarine lagoons, lakes and medium-sized streams. This is an opportunistic diurnal feeder which preys mainly during sunrise and sunset, using all available prey. Larvae and small juveniles usually feed on planktonic invertebrates. During first summer, many juveniles move near shores to feed on benthic (waterfloor level) prey. May undertake short spawning migrations. Its flesh is excellent and not so bony. Utilized fresh and frozen; eaten pan-fried and baked.


Eurasia: throughtout Europe to north of Scandinavia, except Iberian Peninsula, central Italy, and Adriatic basin; Aegean Sea basin in Matriza and from Struma to Aliakmon drainages; Aral Sea basin; Siberia in rivers draining the Arctic Ocean eastward to Kolyma.

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