Salvelinus alpinus

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Anadromous forms spend a considerable time of their lives at sea; non-migratory populations remain in lakes and rivers. Found in rivers, estuaries and lakes with cold, clear water. Occurs mainly in lakes. At the sea, lives along coasts. Inhabits deep runs and pools of medium to large rivers, and lakes. Freshwater populations feed on planktonic crustaceans, amphipods, mollusks, insects and fishes. Anadromous individuals feed little in freshwater and never feed during migrations. Extremely sensitive to water pollution. Marketed fresh, smoked, canned, and frozen. Eaten sautéed, broiled, fried, microwaved and baked.


Europe: northern Atlantic southward to southern Norway, also Iceland and southern Greenland. Isolated populations in Northern UK, Scandinavia, Finland and the Alps. North America: populations in Quebec, Canada and in Maine and New Hampshire in USA



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